Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Avoiding Temptations

I think that my best course of action is to avoid malls in general.  I'm not going to lie though, I do take a little peak online to see what's out there but I haven't purchased any clothes, purses, accessories or shoes yet! Go me!

One thing I did find was rain boots.I ordered them off of the Target website and they should arrive here very shortly. I spent $7.50 on them.  Target is one of those hit or miss places.  I have some items from there that I love but some of their items aren't that great of quality.  I thought about how much I wanted to spend on rain boots, and I figured that it was pointless to spend a lot of money on them.  Mainly because I wouldn't wear them that often.  I just need something to keep my feet dry during the few rainy days that we have in the D.C. area.

Oh by the way, making it passed the Memorial Day Weekend with all the sales wasn't too bad.  But it's only been a week.... let's see what I'm saying in 3 months!

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