Monday, December 12, 2011

Love for designer bags

I am a 25 year old female who loves Coach purses.  They are beautiful, classic and well expensive.  

Coach factory stores are becoming ever so popular.  More stores are being built and many people go find a bargain.  So many people wonder, what's the difference between a Coach store and a Coach factory store?

Well to begin with Coach factory stores are located at outlet malls.  While Coach stores are at regular malls.  Coach factory stores usually have a mix of coach factory products and last season's coach store products.  How do you spot the difference?

Look inside the bag.  All coach purses should have a "credo patch".  There should be a serial number inside of the bag.  However, smaller purses such as clutches or crossbodies do not have one.  Look at the serial number.  If it starts with a "F", it is made just for the factory.

Just because it is made just for the Coach factory does not mean it is a fake purse or of lower quality.  From my experience, there is just as good quality but less details.

I usually go to the back of the store and store in their sale selection to find the Coach purses that are from last season.  The best way to become educated about Coach purses is by looking at their website.  Become familiar with their current style and patch work.

Coach sometimes have a 25% off sales at their full price stores from time to time for their valued customers. These coupons are received through the mail. Right now, if you "like" the Coach Facebook page, you can score a 25% off coupon.  

While Coach outlet stores offers 20% or 30% off the lowest price to all of their customers.  They usually pass out these coupons at the front door of the store. 

I recently found an amazing deal at the Coach factory store.  There was a purse that I saw on their website that I have been craving for the last couple of months.  It is listed at $199
Ladies: This is the Kristen Signature Sateen Hippie

Gorgeous purse but a bit out of my price range.  With Coach's 25% off coupon, this purse would be $149.25.  Not TOO bad..


I found this exact same purse at the Coach factory stores.  $199 then 40% off then an additional 30% off!! Final cost: $83.58! Wahoo! This gorgeous beauty is now mine :)  I have given her an excellent home

Readers:  Do you have any amazing finds at the Coach factory stores?


  1. This is a fantastic post! I like how you differentiated the factory produced items vs. the items that came from the actual retail store. One of the best bags I've ever gotten was a 10 year anniversary hampton satchel at the coach outlet, it was from the original store. All vachetta leather too, for under $200!

  2. Thank you

    That is gorgeous bag!! What a great find :)