Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wedding Registries

One of the many exciting parts of getting married is registering for gifts.  The store hands you a fun scanner and you get to scan all the things that you dreamed of getting.  I know that some people say that weddings are all about the bride.  But in reality, brides needs to be considerate of their guests.

1.) Register at places that are popular and has many store locations.  Also, think about stores that offer free shipping.  If your wedding guests are thinking about purchasing a wedding gift for you, you want to make it as convenient as possible for them. Consider registering at multiple stores.

2.) Pick items within different price ranges.  Hubby and I picked items that cost as low as $0.99 to $349.99.  But most of our items were under $100.  We wanted to keep things affordable for our guests knowing that a lot of them we either still in school or just starting their first job. We picked out an expensive $349.99 knife set but we knew that it was our "reach" gift. No one purchased the expensive knife set, but it was okay.  We never expected anyone to spend that much money

3.) Find out what completion program the store offers. For example, after your wedding day, Bed bath and beyond offers 20% off of the items that you did not receive. Different stores offer different rewards for the bride and groom.  Shop around and don't be afraid to ask what the perks are for registering at a certain store.  One of the reasons why Hubby and I scanned the expensive knife set was because we wanted to save 20% on the knife set after our wedding. 

Readers:  What do you think about honeymoon registries?  Awesome idea? Or tacky?

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